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I've spent a big chunk of time recently developing apps for Android devices. Like many of you, I initially relied heavily on sites like Stack Overflow to learn the nuances of the Android platform. And while the help I recieved was invaluable, I found that it usually took a few different techniques before I found something that worked the way I expected it to work. I realized recently that I've reached an unacceptable level of code duplication (at least to my own standards). Across most apps, I've found that I use a lot of the same boilerplate code to provide common functionality. Things like reading and writing to/from files, dealing with Shared Preferences, outputting to the LogCat, Toast, etc. The code required to do any of these common tasks is nearly always the same. Naturally, I decided I needed a library.

Being a good software engineer, I first did a search to see if anyone else has already created something similar. My Google-fu is pretty good, so I was surprised ot find...not much.

So I've decided to make my own. I look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Happy coding,

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